Logilica Insights and Teams

In Logilica Insights, teams refers to a collection of contributors and repositories. You can use teams to tailor the metrics you see on each of Logilica's dashboards to organisational groups.

Navigating to Teams

Open Settings:

To get to your contributors view, after logging in select "Settings" or the gear icon from the menu.

Open Teams:

From the left hand list, select "Teams".

You will then see your team list.

Making A New Team

To make a new team, press the "Add Team" button

Enter Team Details:

Then, enter a name for your team. Use the dropdown to find the repositories that the team interacts with. Finally, type the names of the team members into the dropdown to find them and add them. It is recommended that you merge relevant contributors first. Then press "Add Team"


That's it. You should now see your new team in your team list.

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