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How to create and manage teams for your repositories

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This guide explains how to create and mange teams for your repositories to specify the metrics and insights being viewed.

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What is a Team?

In Logilica Insights, a Team refers to a collection of Contributors and repositories. You can use teams to tailor the metrics you see on each of Logilica's dashboards to organisational groups.

Navigating to Teams

Select Settings:

After logging in, select "Settings" from the menu on the left-hand side.

Select Teams:
From the dropdown menu, select “Teams”.

Teams View:

You will then see a list of all Teams in your Logilica Insights Instance.

Creating A New Team

Create a new team with from the existing Contributors to view personalised metrics and insights of that specific team.

Press "Add Team"

To begin, press the "Add Team" button

Enter Team Details:

Then, enter a name for your team, search and select the team members you want to add to the team. It is recommended that you merge relevant contributors first. Once the team name has been added and team members have been selected, press "Create New Team".


You've successfully create a new team, you should now see your new team in your Team list.

Managing Existing Teams

You can edit the details and delete existing teams from your Logilica Insights Instance.

Find Team:

To edit an existing team, find the team you wish to edit, then press it’s “Manage” button.

Edit Team Details:
You’ll be redirect to another page with pre-filled fields of the selected team’s details. Here you can edit the name of the team, select roles that can modify the specific team, and add and remove users to the team. Advanced settings of the team can be access by pressing "Advanced" in the "Add Team Members" section. Once edits have been made, press “Update Team”.

Deleting a Team:

To delete an existing team, find the team you wish to delete, then click on the three dots and select “Delete”.


You've successfully managed the existing Teams. The team details and their corresponding metrics have been updated.

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