Navigating to Users

Open Settings:

After logging in, select "Settings" or the gear icon from the menu.

Select Users

Select the User option from the left hand list.

Users Table:

You will then see the Users table.

Adding A New User

To begin, press the "Add User" button.

Then, complete the email and name of the new user and select a role. An explination of roles can be found here.

You can then press "Invite and Close" to send an invite. If you want to send multiple invites you can use "Invite and Add Another" to add any additional people.

You will see your pending invitations in the list at the bottom of the screen. If you make a mistake you can revoke the invite using the "Delete" button.

Managing Existing Users

Find the user you wish to edit and press the "Edit" button.

You'll see three new sections appear in the left hand side.

To change the user's name or role, you can go to "Profile". To see more about roles click here.

To change the default homepage, repository or team for the user, go to "Defaults".

To change the user's password, go to "Security".

You can find out more about these user settings here.

User Roles

Logilica Insights provides access control based on pre-defined user roles. Below is a list of those roles and the relevant access they have.

guest/dev: These users can view metrics, and modify their own settings.

owner: Everything a dev can do, as well as add new repositories to Logilica Insights

admin: Everything an owner can do, plus add new GitHub/GitLab accounts, change organisation settings and manage other users

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