What is Review Time?

Review Time is a part of the overall Cycle Time. Review is the period of time between the first Response and the time by which the work is approved.

Average Review Time

What is Average Review Time?

Average Review Time shows how long it takes a PR to be reviewed after the initial Response to it.

What does Average Review Time do?

Lower Review Time indicates the team is understanding requirements and passing review easily. If the Review Time is high, then it may mean that there are inefficiencies in the system wherein developers are trying to do too many tasks at once or are prioritising newer tasks over older tasks.

Why use Average Review Time?

Average Review Time is a great comparison tool within Review Time that doesn’t drill down to anything else but is powerful by itself.


Distribution of Review Time

What is Distribution of Review Time?

The Distribution of Review Time metric compares the number of Pull Requests (PRs) per Review Cycle to the amount of Time it took to complete said Review Cycle.


What does Distribution of Review Time do?

Distribution of Review Time shows where the team may have overloaded themselves with too many PRs. Low Review Time usually comes together with higher Pull Request Success Rate and lower Cycle Time. Acceptable Review Time varies, depending on the nature of work.


Why use Distribution of Review Time?

The Distribution of Review Time metric is a good way to find how often the team is overloading itself by checking how many Review Cycles are classified as dangerous.

Please note that the Industry Benchmark for Review Time is 24 Hours.

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