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Signing Up With GitLab
Signing Up With GitLab
Setting up your Logilica Insights account using GitLab.
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Prepping Browser:

Open a browser of your choice and access the Logilica website (


Click the “Signup” button in the top right.

Choose Login Method:

Choose the method with which you would like to sign up to the service. You will be taken to that service to authenticate. This will be the service you use to login to your Logilica Insights instance.

Set Organization Name:

Once your preferred account has been selected, set the organization address. This will be the URL that you use to access your Logilica Insights instance.

Organisation Information:

In order to provide you with a tailored experience, we ask for some information about you and your organisation. Complete this step as you account is being created.

Connect To Your Repository:

If your repository is hosted on, select the "" option from the connection screen. If you use a self-hosted GitLab, select "I use another service for my code repository" and complete the form. We will contact you with further details to connect to your repositories. In the meantime, you'll be taken to a simple demo instance of Logilica Insights.

Add GitLab Token:

You will need to generate an access token to allow Logilica Insights to scan your repositories. You can see how to do that in GitLab's documentation here. Logilica Insights requires the read_api, read_user and read_repository scopes in order to work.

Once you have an access token, you can paste it into the box and press "Confirm" to continue.

Select Repositories To Scan:

Select the repositories you would like Logilica Insights to scan using the checkbox. Once selected, press "Import Selected".

If you do not see your repositories, choose "I can't see my repositories" for more help.

Please keep in mind:

  • Adding a public repository with many contributors may affect your pricing plan.

  • Data will be imported from the last 180 days of activity, and any active contributors in the last 30 days. To learn more about Contributors click here.

Analysing Data:

Logilica Insights is now scanning your repositories and building insights. You'll receive an email when your first scan is complete. Scan times depend on the size of your repository, number of commits and pull requests.

Quick Start:

Once your first repository scan is complete, you can setup your team. To do so, select the "Setup Your First Team" section.

Setup Your First Team:

To create your new team, press "Add New Team".

Enter Team Details:

You can then enter the name of your team, and the names of the members of your team. Press "Create New Team" to finalise. Click here to read how to add additional teams.


Congratulations! Logilica Insights is ready for use! You can select "Go To Dashboard" to get out of the quick start view and start getting Insights.

Having trouble understanding which of our metrics are most important for you? Read "Understanding Metrics" here.

If you need other help consider visiting the other sections of our helpdocs.

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