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Adding Additional GitLab Accounts
Adding Additional GitLab Accounts

Connect to additional GitLab repositories in different accounts

Written by Roshel Gonzales
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This guide explains how to add an additional GitLab account to your Logilica Insights instance.

Select Settings:

After logging in, select "Settings" from the menu on the left-hand side.

Select Connectors:
From the dropdown menu, select “Connectors”

Install GitLab Connector:
Find “GitLab” under the “Available Connectors” section, and press "Install". If you want to connect to a self-hosted GitLab, contact us at [email protected].

Add GitLab Token:

You will need to generate an access token to allow Logilica Insights to scan your repositories. You can see how to do that in GitLab's documentation here. Logilica Insights requires the read_api, read_user and read_repository scopes in order to work.

Once you have an access token, you can paste it into the box and press "Confirm" to continue.

Add Repositories:

On the Connectors page, you may see the repositories that are already and other available repositories that can be connected to your Logilica Insights instance. Under the “Available Repositories”, find and select the checkbox of repository you want to import. Once the repository has been selected, press “Import Selected”.

Note: By default Logilica imports your recent PR history meta-data. You will see a warning if that history is empty. This might be either because the last change was too long or you have a newly forked repository as forking does not duplicate the PR history.


Your repositories are now being scanned by Logilica Insights. Once complete, you've successfully imported your repositories and you will be able to see them in your dashboards.

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