What Is A Contributor?

A contributor is any user account that interacts with an imported repository. This includes someone who commits to a repository or someone who comments on or approves a pull request.

Logilica Insights charges per active contributor. An active contributor is one who has interacted with your repository within the last 30 days.

Navigating to Contributors

Open Settings:

To get to your contributors view, after logging in select "Settings" or the gear icon from the menu.

Open Contributors:

From the left hand list, select "Contributors".

Contributors View:

You will see a list of all the detected contributors. You can use the check boxes and the buttons in the top right to apply actions to contributors.

Connector Identities

Connector identities refer to the usernames used by a person from each data source. Users will typically have one or more email addresses associated with their git commits, and a username associated with their GitHub/GitLab account.

Merging Contributors

When adding a new repository, Logilica Insights will automatically detect and merge Connector Identities. However, it's not always possible to do this automatically.

Select two or more contributors you wish to merge into one, then press the "Merge" button.

Then, in the window that appears, select the identity you wish to be the primary one. You should select the identity that has the most accurate email and name. Press confirm once complete.

Inviting Contributors to Logilica Insights

To invite one or more of the people listed in the contributor list to view metrics and insights on Logilica Insights, select them using the checkbox next to their name. Then, press the invite button in the top right.

Then press confirm.

They will receive an invite to setup their account in the email address listed in the contributors list.

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