How Logilica Insights Is Organized

Where to find your metrics and insights

Written by Dean McGregor
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Once you've onboarded using your GitHub or GitLab account, you're ready to start diving into to Logilica Insights metrics from your scanned repositories.

Logilica Insights has three main sections, each consisting of a number of dashboards. Dashboards show a collection of charts based on metrics about your repository and team members. From any of the charts in a dashboard you can click to drill in to see more information.

You can find three main sections - Cycle Time, Productivity and Team Health on the left hand menu. For more information about these dashboards, their charts and how to interpret them, you can explore the Understanding Metrics section.

When you first login, you'll see the "Team Cockpit" dashboard. This is the default homepage and provides an overview of the metrics in the three main sections.

What's Next?

Now you've got the basics down, learn how to filter your data.

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