Applying Filters to Dashboards
Written by Dean McGregor
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Dashboards are filtered by default by your preferred Team or Project. Click here to see how to change your defaults.

You can modify the filters on dashboards to further explore your the metrics in your Logilica Insight account. The filters can be found at the top of each dashboard.

Filtering By Time Period

You can change the time range of the data presented on the dashboard by selecting the Date Range dropdown.

Here, you can select various relative date ranges. Your dashboard will update with new data from that date range. You can also select a specific date range by selecting "Custom" and selecting a start and end date.

Filtering By Team or Project

To change the Team or Project (repository) that a dashboard is based on, use the relevant dropdown. From there, you can select the team/project you are interested in.

Use the "Multiple" option to select more than one.

To clear the selection, you can set "None".

What's Next?

Now you've got the basics down, explore the metrics that Logilica Insights provides.

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